Stuck in the Mud


Her car is stuck in the mud & Pedal Pumping in muddy high heel boots !!!

Tiffany wants to have some fun with you today :-)
She wears a short black vinyl dress, leather jacket and super sexy high heel boots. First Tiffany is teasing you by revving the engine of her convertible. She enjoys flooring the gas pedal really hard and starts the adventurous day with a lot of wheel spinning when driving down the road.

“I wonder if I could get this baby stuck today. That could be a lot of fun” Tiffany says while driving to a remote location. Soon the ground gets more and more wet. First her rear wheel driven car starts to fishtail a bit while she is driving down the slippery muddy path. Then the rear wheels are losing more and more grip. At this point Tiffany tries to accelerate harder, but now the wheels start even spinning more and the car gets slower and slower until it’s not moving anymore. “Let me see these tires” she says while opening the door to get a better look on what’s happing right now.

Tiffany is getting a bit excited now though the situation doesn’t look good for her right now. “I like being stuck and pressing these pedals with my high heel boots” the cute girl says, a bit unsure if this is really a good idea what she is doing to her brand new car.

“Look at my boots on the pedals! Do you like that?” Tiffany says while the wheels are spinning in the wet clay. “You like the way it sounds?” she says with a sexy smile. “Let’s try a little bit backwards”, but even that won’t help. “I am so stuck! My boots on these pedals, that feels so good. You like watching me being stuck? ;-)

The more Tiffany spins the tires of her convertible, the deeper it digs into the mud. At this point her car is stuck in the mud really bad. “How will I ever get out of this? You will help me out?” she begs with a helpless voice.

In the meanwhile her skirt has moved up a bit from pressing the pedals really hard. Tiffany knows that you will enjoy the upskirt view of her while she is helplessly stuck in the mud. “I know you like seeing me stuck and I have to admit it really feels pretty good. Squeezing these pedals under my boots is kind of a turn on.” she teases while the tires are throwing the mud high into the air while she is flooring the gas pedal with her sexy high heel boots.

Tiffany gets out of her car to check how bad it is stuck in the mud. The wheels are still spinning when she is trying to push it out of this mud trap, but her boots can’t find any traction in this slippery mud. Her boots are just sliding away in the mud while she tries to push harder. “I am getting so much mud on my boots by trying to get this baby out of here”. It’s so sexy to see her beautiful legs. And during pushing the car she is moans and tries really hard to get the car out. “My boots are getting stuck in the mud!” Tiffany exclaims “The mud is so slippery and dirty. Are you gonna help me out or you just want to watch me? You are enjoying this, aren’t you?”

Before she can give it another spin to drive out, Tiffany first has to get rid of some of the mud which is sticking to her heels. Then she is pushing the gas pedal hard with her right boot and trying to push the car forward with her left boot which is on the muddy ground. “No matter how hard I do this, it never seems enough. I am sooo stuck!” she cries while revving the engine up really high! “My heart is going so fast. Yes it is a little bit exciting for me. I love the sound of the car revving, all this power, the tires spinning, my heel is dug into the mud and there is nobody to help me either.”

Now the car is completely down to the frame. There is no way that this cute girl can ever get out there without help. “How can I ever get out of this? My tires are just spinning. I need a hero. Will you be my hero? You gonna safe me? Why do I bring myself always in these situations, but as well enjoy it??” Tiffany asks with her very erotic voice. “It is nobody out here. Just me…. and you. I am totally stuck. You have to safe me! You can’t just leave me stuck out here. Please! I obviously can’t get out here by myself.” Tiffany is begging.
“Nothing I do is working. I am so stuck. Please help me. I make you happy if you do ;-) !!!”

Note: This video contains lot of pedal pumping with sexy high heel boots and hot up skirt views.
Even without nudity this is one of the sexiest car stuck videos we ever filmed !!! Enjoy :-)

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23:15 Minutes