Valentines Day Surprise


Pedal Pumping in Boots and Barefoot !!!

After all the rain during the last days Tiffany said she likes to do something fun with you outside. You are driving together with her to a remote location, far away from the city, because she has a very special Valentine’s Day surprise for you :-)

“I know how you have a thing about me and my hot car and what would happen if I get stuck somewhere ;-) . Helpless with no one around to rescue me. I just wear my sexy boots and little dress that I know you love. So that’s why I am here.” Tiffany says.

Recently you told her about your pedal pumping fantasies “You are ready to have fun? Let’s see if we can do this” the excited girl says while driving closer to a very muddy spot. Suddenly the car stops moving forward “Oh, oh, I think we found a good spot. Let’s try to drive backwards!” she says while shifting the car to reverse. But the car just moves a little bit. Tiffany is stuck. “You want to get out and take a look” the cute looking girl says.

All wheels are in some very slippery and soft looking mud now. Tiffany is switching the gears between forward and backward quickly. The car is still moving quite a bit, but not enough to make it out of this mess. She opens the door now to have a better look at the rear tires and what is going on there. Because of this, now you can also enjoy watching her long sexy legs pumping the pedals with her boots. This is exciting to watch. “The tires are really dug in there. I am so stuck baby, I will definitely be stuck here for a while” she says while still pumping the pedals wearing her sexy high heeled boots. “You like this, don’t you?” Tiffany says.

“I keep pumping and pumping the pedals, but there is no way I am getting out of this mud!!! I am stuck and helpless.” with a desperate voice she says. Her very short skirt gives you some super hot up skirt views why she is still pumping the pedals to get her nice rear wheel driven car out of the mud …

Enjoy the very special Valentine’s Day surprise Tiffany is doing for you :-)

Note: Even if this clip does not contain nudity, her long legs (and some up skirt views) are super sexy to watch !!!
The barefoot part of this videos is 8:20 Minutes long.

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24:00 Minutes