The Birthday Gift


Dakota has perfect birthday gift for her boyfriend. Will he enjoy it?

“I bet you wonder why I brought you out here to the middle of nowhere? Well I heard that you like seeing girls get stuck, so I want to see what I can do for you for your birthday and see if we can get stuck together  ;-) This is going to be fun. I love trying new things for you. And because it’s your birthday we are going to try something extra fun”

Dakota is driving down a gravel path in the desert. It doesn’t take long before the path becomes nothing more than soft sand. Soon the rear wheels start spinning a bit in the sand and the truck stops moving forward. “Looks like we are already stuck” Dakota says.

To have a closer look, she gets out of the truck to check the situation in her sexy purple short dress and high heel shoes…. “I definitely think we are stuck” she said while teasing him with a quick upskirt view.

“Do you like to see me spin those tires for you? I think we really are stuck. Do you like to see me like this? Oh and I don’t have any panties on ;-).” Dakota gets out of the car and starts digging the rear tires out of the sand. “I feel so helpless. Do you like to see your girl helpless, stuck in the sand?” with a teasing voice she asks.

Dakota gives it another try. The sand is flying high into the air. “I keep pumping the pedal, but it’s not doing anything.” After a while she says “I’m going out and push it…. Look what I did! We’re so stuck!” She’s really pushing hard, but the truck isn’t moving.

At this point the rear tires got much deeper into the soft sand “Now I am really starting to get worried. Maybe I should try to put it in 4WD and get it unstuck? Then we can go somewhere else and get stuck”

To Dakotas surprise, even in four-wheel-drive the truck just moves a little bit. “I don’t know what we’re going to do?” she says while desperately trying to drive the stuck truck out of the sand. “Baby, we’re are really so stuck! I am starting to get worried about us being stuck out here” Now Dakota is really stuck. It looks like even four-wheel-drive doesn’t help her anymore.

“We are so stuck, but I can see why you like this. It’s so exciting! You like seeing these tires spin? I do too” she says, while she starts playing with her firm tits. “Wow this is actually so hot.”

She gets out of the truck again, pushing it from the front while the wheels are still spinning “I kinda like being this helpless” she says and moans when she’s pushing the truck as hard as she can with her skirt lifted up.

Now Dakota gets back into the truck and tries again” We’re so stuck. I also start to enjoy this. It makes me horny, so why don’t we make the best out of this situation? I feel so helpless and it somehow feels so good.” she says with her hand under her skirt while she is pumping the pedals.

From here on she really makes you going to enjoy your special birthday gift a lot. Enjoy !!!


18:45 Minutes