Sisters Stuck Secrets


Getting her sisters car stuck turns her on !!!

Isobels sister is out of town for a while and she can use her car to drive to work. On her way back from work she decides to leave the pavement for a short test drive in the nearby dunes. Her sister once told her how much she enjoys this, so Isobel is curious to find out why her sister is always so excited about this.

Wearing nice high heels, stockings (with garter belt) and a short mini skirt is a bit overdressed for offroad driving but Isobel seems to enjoy this. It never hurts to look pretty! After some fun on the gravel roads she is getting a bit braver. Why not try to drive in the sand? This is what her sister loves so much for whatever reason.

First when she rides on the sandy path everything looks good. It feels so smooth to drive there and sometimes when Isobel pushes the throttle the car starts to fishtail a bit. Yes this is fun!

The further she drives on this path, the softer the sand gets. Even if Isobel pushes the gas pedal more down with her high heels, somehow the car is getting slower and slower and comes to a stop after a while. Isobel first doesn’t know what is going on. She spins the wheels for a while before she opens the door to have a closer look on the rear tires. “Oh crap!” she says, while she looks at the spinning tires. She pumps on the gas pedal harder now, trying to get the car move forward again but somehow this doesn’t work. So if she can’t get out forward, let’s try the other direction…. slowly the car starts moving backwards. The tires are spinning while driving backwards until it stops again and the car starts to sink deeper into the sand “I am stuck, my sister is going to kill me!!!”

To not make this situation worse, Isobel decides to find out what exactly is going on. She steps out of the car in her sexy outfit to check each tire. “Hmmm, the back tires are down, but the front tires are up?!?  But why is it like this? There was something about the way it drives. Oh yes I need 4 wheel drive :-)” she happily realizes.

Isobel needs a while to get the sand out of her shoes and to figure out how to switch the car into 4wd mode. But now she is very optimistic again, because she once heard that four wheel drive can’t get stuck. With her high heels Isobel is pressing the gas pedal down and the then the Jeep starts slowly moving forward. But just when it looks like she is able to get the car out, now the wheels on the passenger’s side starts to lose the traction. Since forward doesn’t work, Isobel tries reverse now. The car is moving, but after a while the movement also gets slower and slower. The car is not down to the frame so she manages to move it, but somehow she can’t make it out of this track. So with a lot of car movement Isobel is trying this for a while. Forward, then backwards, pushing the gas pedal, switching gears, but no matter what she tries, she is stuck!

The harder Isobel tries to get the car out, the worse the situation gets. The car is shaking and vibrating and desperately she realizes that the car is slowly sinking deeper and deeper into this sand trap. “Why am I so stuck? I thought this has four wheel drive?” with a helpless voice she says.

Isobel now tries everything to free the car. In a good rhythm she is pumping the pedal in the hope to get the car moving again. Also she starts rocking her body in the seat to enhance her efforts. When she is doing this, her skirt slides up a bit. And like often Isobel doesn’t wear a panty when she is wearing a tight skirt! The vibration of the engine, the wiggling of the car and her bouncing on the seat feels suddenly exciting for her. Isobel starts breathing deeper and faster now.

“I am so helpless! I am all alone. All this makes me a bit horny, but that doesn’t feel alright at all. Oh my god, I am so stuck. This really shouldn’t turn me on like this. I feel so dirty” she says while her hand slowly moves down to her pussy. So now she is pressing the gas pedal even harder while her hand moves down between her legs. She starts masturbating while the wheels are spinning and enjoys this a lot. Now she knows why her sister likes to come out here so often :-)

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16:00 Minutes