Stuck for You


A Point of View car stuck video which makes your dreams come true !!!

Isobel has a big surprise for you today. Just take a seat on the passenger’s site and close your eyes for a while. Don’t cheat! ;-)

After a few minutes you notice that she is driving the Jeep on a very bumpy road. The whole car is jumping up and down…… suddenly it stops and the engine gets switched off.

“Alright, you can open your eyes now.” Isobel says with her lovely voice.
Wow, she is wearing a naughty black leather dress and super sexy over knee High-Heel leather boots. That is the kind of surprise every man is dreaming about.
But wait, you are in the middle of nowhere? What are her plans? This is exciting but also a bit scary to be alone in the middle of the desert.

“This is not what I usually wear” Isobel says “…but after you told me your little secret the other night. That you find it sexy when women get their cars stuck. So when you told me your little secret, I thought we might have a little fun.”

Wow, just hearing this makes every car stuck lovers heart beat faster. Now Isobel closes the passenger door, walks around the car to climb onto the driver’s seat of the high Jeep. This gives you a perfect view on her over knee boots on the pedals. Even if it is just you and her alone in the desert she still seems to be a bit shy.

“I have to admit that first when you talked about it, I was a little scared and thought it is a little weird. Well, but the way you said it, it’s something extra fun that we can do together! Yeah that was good. Something extra special just you and I have. Not something scary or weird. So let’s go!” She starts the engine and drives down a sandy path into the desert.

“Looks like somebody else got stuck there.” she says when she discovered some deep tracks on the path.
Bang !!!! The Jeep hits these deep ditch really hard. Isobel pushes the gas pedal harder and unfortunately she masters this difficult situation without getting the car stuck. Proud she says “Hey I am doing alright at this! Oh, I am not supposed to do it alright, am I?” Well it is not what you were looking for, but at least she got the tires spin and you could enjoy her pushing the gas pedal with this super sexy leather over knee boots.

But wait, now she is driving more uphill. The car starts sliding a bit. Will it happen here? The wheels are losing a bit traction. Suddenly Isobel isn’t that confident behind the steering wheel anymore which is super sexy to see. The further she drives up the path the more the rear wheels are spinning …

“Oh, oh c’mon. Looks like we might be getting stuck here!” Isobel says while the car slows down more and more although she is pressing the gas pedal down. “C’mon” she screams. But the car just stops moving forward now. As harder she is pumping the pedals the deeper the rear wheels get buried in the soft sand. “I got the car stuck a little bit” Isobel says while you can enjoy the wonderful view of her boots onto the pedals. “Oh, that’s right I am supposed to get the car stuck! Aren’t I?” she tells you with a naughty smile in her face.

“Come over and look at the side.”. Here you see better if the rear axle is digged down.
“How is it looking out there baby? Are we really stuck?…. Baby, I got the car stuck.” she says while completely pushing the accelerator down. When the sand starts flying into the air she watches out of the window to see the spinning tires “Look at that !!!” she shouts excited. Then she opens the door to give you a better view onto her boots, pumping the pedals.

“Wow, look how stuck we are! Do you like when my car gets stuck, honey? We are sooo stuck now, one hundred percent stuck” she says with her very sexy voice.

Suddenly she starts to smile and looks down on you: “I can tell you like it, you don’t have to say anything :-) “.
Slowly she opens the zipper of that sexy leather dress a bit more. First on top, then at the bottom what gives you an even more exciting view now. “I wanna see how stuck we are” she says while leaning her upper body out of the Jeep now. “I guess we are really stuck now, aren’t we?”.
With her left leg she tries to push the car a bit forward while her right foot is pushing the gas pedal down. The sand is flying high into the air now. “Do you think that I maybe can get out and push the car?” Isobel asks…. While the wheels are still spinning she steps out into the sand with her leather boots.

It is so sexy to watch her trying to push the car. Wow a dream girl like Isobel in such a nice leather outfit “I think you like watching me struggle!…. Are you watching me struggle, because you want to be the good guy or because you want to be the bad guy?”

After a while of sexy pushing which gives you an excellent view on her sexy body Isobel realizes that she isn’t able to push the car out. “So what if I try reverse?” she says and jumps back behind the steering wheel…. I am a strong girl, I don’t need your help! I can do it on my own.” She tries in reverse now, while leaning out of the car to watch the rear tires. This gives you a nice view onto her breast. “I think I am in trouble now! Oh baby I am so stuck!” she says a bit worried about if we will ever get the car out. “Honey? Help !!! I am so stuck…. look how stuck we are!” she says while she gives you a nice up skirt view. Isobel doesn’t wear a panty or a bra under the skirt, just the leather on her naked skin. She realizes where you are looking at “Do you like it? Do you like what happens when the car gets stuck” she asked while pedal pumping with her over knee boots.

“I am stuck” she says with a very cute and helpless voice while opening the top zipper of the dress. She doesn’t tell, but it is clear to see that the situation scares her now a bit more, she is not sure if her nice new Jeep will ever get out here again. She doesn’t want to dig in the car deeper and make the situation even worse.

Isobel starts squeezing her tits “I tried to get out by myself…. but that didn’t work. I am stuck here even worse now. The car is sooooo stuck. You had your show, now I need a big strong man to help me. I need you!!! Will you help to get me loose” Isobel moans. “I can tell you like that! Do you want to be my hero and revv my engine for me?”…. Wow this is a dream coming true. Hearing her, begging for help, stuck and half naked! You have waited your whole life to see this, so at least you should enjoy her struggle for a few more minutes…. that makes the car stuck even hotter!

“You are not going to help me, are you?… Look at this, I am all sexy for you and you just enjoy watching me to be stuck!” she complains with a cranky voice. “Oh you think you are so smart, you think you are so funny. I get all dressed up in this leather outfit and boots, my nice new car is stuck here and you are not going to help me?….
“Fine!” she said in an arrogant way. “I don’t need you, I can do all this on my own. I switch into four wheel drive now and I will get my Jeep out of here!”

So now when she pushes the gas pedal also the front wheels of her Jeep are spinning. First slowly than faster. Damn, will she be able to get out? First it looks like, but then even in four wheel drive the forward moving stops again. You can see that Isobel’s arrogant self-confidence changes to an embarrassing red head. Insecure she says “Umm, when I said four wheel drive I meant in reverse, in four wheel drive.”

Oh no! You can see that the car starts slowly to move backwards. It looks like she is able to get out first, but somehow she is stuck again. Even the four wheel drive can’t help her. Totally embarrassed she looks at you to say with a shaking voice “You like this even more now. Aren’t you?!?!” She is pumping the pedals trying forward and backward. There is still some movement, but as harder she tries the more hopeless she gets the car stuck. “C’mon” she screams while pumping the gas pedal like crazy. But to her surprise the car doesn’t move. “Oh, why? Why am I so stuck? C’mon honey, this car is so stuck. Help !!!” she says completely stuck and topless now. “What am I gonna do?” She said while fondling her sexy over knee boots with her hand. With a worried voice she says “My Jeeps is so stuck baby, I don’t know if we will ever get out. We are stuck here all alone. Just you and me. Stuck!”. You can see everything of her sexy body now. The zipper of her dress is wide open what gives you a nice view on her breast and pussy while still pumping the pedals harder and harder in her leather boots to free her new Jeep. Click, Click, you hear the sound of the boots pumping the gas pedals. Is she getting turned on a bit by pressing the pedals in this hopeless situation now? It looks a bit like this but it even gets better:

“What are we gonna do?” Isobel whispers to you. “I am stuck here, out in the sand dunes” she says, spreading her legs. “I know you liked watching me a few minutes ago. What if you keep watching me?” She opens her handbag “I have something extra special that I brought just for you to watch!” Isobel says.
She takes out a pink vibrator, switches it on and is stimulating her clit with it while pumping the gas pedal to let the tires spin. “Mhhhhhh, that feels so good” she moans. “Looks like we got running three motors now: The car, the vibrator….. and me. Ahhhh……”

Isobel starts to masturbate with the vibrator harder and harder, the engine revvs up, all wheels are spinning and the higher the sand flies into the air, the more she gets turned on by being totally stuck and helpless. “Being stuck is really turning me on. Way more than I thought it would!” surprised she says. ZZZZZzzzzzz the wheels are spinning now even faster “You’re getting turned on too, when watching me be stuck here?” she ask.

Isobel has her legs wide open now. Left boot on the ground, right boot pressing the gas pedal. Corybantic she lets you watch her masturbating while spinning the tires and pumping the pedals. “Oh yeah, love you baby. Stuck with me. Ahhhhh, why don’t you take off your pants for me?!? You are enjoying watching me stuck, I want to watch you too!”

More and more she gets stimulated, pushing the vibrator harder onto her clit. “Hope you enjoy watching how I play with myself while I am stuck.” Isobel moans more and more now, “Mhhhh, yeah. Oh yes honey!” She is flooring the gas pedal now so hard that the sand is flying all over you. The engine revvs up to the limiter “Ohhhhhhhh, I am coming !!!!!!” she screams while her body starts shaking and gives Isobel an amazing orgasm while she is completely stuck…..

“Oh yeah” she moans hard breathing, putting the vibrator away. Isobel sits sideways on the driver’s seat, both of her sexy over knee high heel boots on the side skirt now. “Hmmm, that was fun. Now let’s even have more fun” she says while suddenly spreading her legs wide open “Come here !!!” She waves with her hand to you to come closer…..

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Note: This is a point of view car stuck video !!!! Hope you enjoy this very new car stuck experience with Isobel :-)

25:00 Minutes