Rev my Engine


Rev my Engine !!!

“You wanna go for a ride?” Isobel asks with her very sexy voice. She looks so hot wearing her red metal stiletto high heels, tight legging and her sheer blouse. First Isobel starts her cute Fiat 500 and then she slowly starts to pump the pedal and revvs the engine. “It purrs like a kitten!” Isobel says. She enjoys the engine sound during the revving a lot. Now she starts pedal pumping it even harder, she floors the pedal to the ground a couple of times. Oh what a pleasure!

“Even if this red shoes match the car, I think I am going to change them to some even more special.” And here comes the surprise, Isobel brought a pair of extreme super high stiletto pumps with her. “Maybe I can’t walk in these once, but I definitely can revv the car in them!”

Now Isobel even revvs the engine harder and pumping on the gas pedal with this extra high shoes. “Are you enjoying it? I know I am” this naughty girl says. After a while she decides to switch back to the red metal high heels again, because their color matches the car. Girls know that red shoes are better for red line revving :-)

Isobel moans very sexy “Ohhh, the engine vibration is what I like” while she is pedal pumping in her sexy heels. “There is something else what I like that vibrates too ;-) !!!” she says while pulling out a remote vibrator of her handbag. She switches it on, “Shall we play a little more?” Isobel asks.

This sexy women now inserts the vibrator into her vagina. Her pussy is already so wet, that it doesn’t take long. Isobel moans lustfully while pulling up her pants again to hide this little toy under her tight leggings. “What do you want to do now?” she asks, with her shaking voice. It’s such a pleasure to see how horny this hot girl is now. “I can revv the cars engine while I revv my own. So let’s go for a ride! I hope there are no distracting driving laws against this”. Isobel starts the engine and starts driving now.

This arousing adventure goes on. You are sitting on the passenger seat now, close to Isobel driving the car. The strong vibrator is even increasing the engine vibration more on her. This is so hot! “You are a real risk taker, driving with someone who is so distracted” she says with a shaking voice. Isobel is so aroused that she is heavy breathing while driving her cute car on the streets. From the passenger seat you have the perfect view on her sexy feet pressing the pedals. You can see how hard it is for Isobel to keep herself in control and to concentrate on driving. “I hope you are having as much fun as I have?” Isobel asks.

There is no question about it, you will enjoy this a lot :-)

Note: About 60% of the video is revving, 40% cruising around/driving


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19:00 Minutes