You got me started


Girl has an orgasm on her motorcycle while kick starting and revving!!!

Isobel drives her dirt bike through the desert, following her friends. She is the last in their group and already a little far behind them when she suddenly stalls the engine on a small sand hill. Damn! Well, things like this can happen and Isobel is sure their friends will notice and wait for her.

She just has to start the bike again. The dirt bike has no electric starter, therefore she has to use the kick starter. She tries for about a minute to start it but to no avail. “C’mon! What’s going on here?” she says while kickstarting it. For two seconds she almost got the engine running, but sadly it stops again. So close!

With her long legs she kickstarts the bike. This is hard work. She is breathing hard and getting more and more exhausted by this. At this point she realize that her friends are not coming back. She is in the desert “All the way out here on my own”. Well at least she knows the way back to the camp. But this isn’t a fun walk. So she tries even harder now to start the bike. “Hmmm” she sighs “This is a workout!” Isobel begs the bike that it should start, but we all know this doesn’t help :-). Somehow she must find a solution to get it running again.

“I am not gonna be stuck out here!” she desperately says. “C’mon, C’mon, C’mon baby” she whispers while jumping up and down on the seat. Again she tries to kickstart the bike and it’s really a hard workout. Isobel is more and more exhausted by doing this. So she stays on the seat now while kicking. Suddenly Isobel smells gas; is the bike leaking? She gets off the bike to have a closer look but she doesn’t know enough about the engine. However, Isobel has to get the engine running again. So she gives it another try but no matter how long and strong she kicks, Isobel isn’t able to start the bike. “Screw it!” but isn’t there another way to start it? “Maybe if I get it going downhill.” Well that sounds like a good plan, because she can try to get the engine running when it rolls down the hill.

First Isobel tries to push the bike a bit more forward, so that she will be able to turn it around. The bikes seat is very high and she is still sitting on it. Sometimes her ‘fun zone’ touches the fuel tank while she is trying to push the bike forward. “I can’t even move it.” Isobel says. As harder she tries the more her panty is rubbing on the seat. She tries it faster and harder but the bike is stuck like glued on. This is so sexy to watch :-)

“Hmmm, Ok so maybe I should directly try to push it backwards down the hill to get it onto solid ground again. Isobel steps off the bike now and walks to the front. She pushes the handlebar hard to push the bike down the hill. The front fender is very high and keeps touching her panties. The harder she pushes, the more often she accidentally touches the fender with her crutch. “Move!” she moans. “Uhhhh, stupid bike !!! C’mon” she shouts while pushing her whole body now very hard to the bike. But no matter how hard Isobel tries, the bike doesn’t move at all. “OK, I have to start the bike to get it home. That is the only way to get back.” she says.

So she starts kicking again. “This is a real workout now”. Isobel is thirsty now and drinks a bit. The kickstart workout also heated her up and she pours some water onto her chest to cool down. The white T-shirt becomes a bit transparent now. “I better safe some water, because I maybe have to hike out of the desert.” She is very frustrated about the situation now. So helpless and exhausted, but somehow she is getting a bit excited, too. Hmm, she looks around and nobody is here, just Isobel and the motorcycle between her legs. “What can I do?” she asked while keep going on kicking.

“Great!” frustrated she says “I am rubbing on you for so long trying to start you that I am getting horny now”… “Great! Stuck. Late at night. In the desert. With a bike that doesn’t start. All sexually frustrated” she sighs while still kicking the starter very hard.

“Please start” she whispers with a shaking voice. This situation feels so weird to her. But Isobel is so horny now from all this kicking and rubbing on the bike. She starts dry humping the seat bench and rubbing her panty harder and harder on the bike.

Isobel is getting cold and she knows that the sun will go down soon. So no time for this, she should better get the engine start again. Therefore she keeps on kicking and kicking while shouting “If you don’t come, I will !!!”

VRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM suddenly the engine starts. The vibration is so strong that the horny girl gets even more aroused now. “Uhhhh, that feels so good !!!” Isobel starts to revv the engine up. VROOOM, VROOOM, the vibration is so strong between her legs now. She is pressing her all wet crotch now even harder onto the bike, also lifting her legs to get her full body weight onto this 250cc vibrator. “Ohhhhh, yessssss !!!!! I am so glad you started.” she says while revving the engine up, switching it into first gear and releasing the clutch. The rear tires starts to spin directly and the bike digs into the sand quickly. With a loud “Clackkkkk” sound Isobel stalls the engine again.

This isn’t good. But the power and rattling between her legs when the bike got stuck, turned her so much on. Isobel’s hand is in her pants now and she starts to massage her pussy. “That’s not enough” still frustrated she complains. With a few more kicks Isobel is able to get the engine running again. Yes, the vibration between her legs is what she is craving for, this girl wants to get an orgasm on her motorcycle. She revvs the engine up with her right hand, while pleasing herself with her left hand…. the massaging gets faster. Wow the vibration feels so good for a horny girl like her now. The more she gets aroused the more she revvs the engine up. After a few more minutes of revving and screaming, the bike got her started….

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Note: It is hard to find the right words to describe how incredible sexy this video is for bike kickstart and revving fans. Enjoy !!!

18:30 Minutes