Sophia’s Movie Project


Sophia is location scouting for her movie project group in college. The sexy blonde girl found the  perfect looking place, but she got her classic 1971 VW Bettle stuck in the soft sand !!!

Recently Sophia became a member of the movie group at her college. For their newest project it’ll be her job to find the best location in a remote desert location. An other student told her about such a place in the Nevada desert, so Sophia is excited to check this place out.

The drive to the loaction was longer and further than she expected, but in the late afternoon she finally arrived. She left the main road and is driving down a small gravel path for a few miles. Wow, this place looks amazing !!! Sophia gets out of the car to take a few test shots with her camera. Especially the sand dunes look promising, but she would need to get a bit closer to them.

Sophia drives down the road further. The gravel turns into a bit more sand and the path gets a bit rough to drive. However, this will be so worth it.

After a while the ground suddenly got super soft and her VW Beetle starts sliding around and sinking into the sand and comes to a stop when Sophia stalls the engine. She has a hard time starting her old car in this heat and always stalls it like something is holding her car back from driving forward. After a few attempts Sophia pushes the gas pedal down really hard and the car finally starts moving backwards…. but not for long. Somehow the wheels just start spinning. She gets out of the car to get a quick look if she’s stuck.

“Hopefully I can get myself out of this” Sophia says when she noticed that her VW Beetle sunk into the super soft sand on this path. She give it a try again, but suddenly the car isn’t moving anymore. All what happens when she pushes the gas pedal is that some sand and dust is flying through the air. Sophia tries forward, then backwards again to get her car moving.
“I’m completely screwd. I am so stuck right now. How do I get out of this?”.

She puts the car in first gear and gets out to desperately give it a strong push. “I’m so stuck here. Please get out !!!”. But the car doesn’t move. She jumps back behind the wheel and this time pushes the gas pedal to the metal. The old engine revs up and the whole area get’s covered in a huge dust cloud. Suddenly Sophia has a great idea “This video I watched online, told me about maybe to put some mats under the wheels. This might help, so I’ll give it a try”.

She’s so desperate at this point, digging in the dirt to free her car. She places the floor mats under the wheels and gives it an others try. This is her last chance. But sadly the car is still stuck.

It’s already getting dark and Sophia feels so helpless at this point “I’m not sure what this feeling is right now. I am terrified, but at the same time I feel a little hot” ;-) “Let’s try to get this thing unstuck” she says while giving it an other try to drive the car out of this sand trap.

The vibration of the engine goes through her whole body. Somehow she got turned on by beeing so helpless and stuck. “It’s just makes me wanting to do things to myself”…. overwhelmed by this feeling Sophia can’t hold backanylonger. Her hand slides under skirt while she is pressing the gas pedal really hard. “I love beeing stuck, not know if I will get saved. This feels so good” she moans while she’s making the best out of the situation ;-)
Enjoy !!!


15:00 Minutes