6 Inch Heels and V8 Power


Are 455hp enough to get out of the mud? Tiffany puts the Pedal to the Metal in sexy 6 inch high heel boots to find out.

Tiffany takes you on a joy ride and has a special surprise for you today: “You like my little sexy dress and these boots? I know it’s your favorite! Just for you. You will love it when I get this car stuck for you” she says.
The further she drives the more wet and slippery the ground becomes. More and more the car starts to slow down, but Tiffany pushes the gas pedal down. Vrrrrroooommm that V8 sound is so awesome and the tires start losing traction in the mud.

At some point the car comes to a stop and isn’t able to move further forward in this glue-like mud. “Oh we got dirty now” Tiffany says. She opens the door to give you a better look on her and the boots on the pedal “I think we are stuck”. She switches to reverse gear and tries to get out backwards. But the car is stuck. “Look at this mess we got into !!!” with a flirty voice she says. Tiffany is teasing you while pushing the gas pedal down in her super sexy 6 inch high heel boots. “I am definitely stuck. What am I going to do? There is nobody out here. Just us… and it’s so hot. I am worried how we can get out of this. You are going to come and save me?”

“I am really stuck here. Hope we can get out of this” she says while pushing the gas pedal down hard. “I’m revving and revving and the car is not going anywhere. I think I really did it this time…. I’m so stuck. Help me!”. The wheels are spinning and the mud starts flying around. Now this clip starts to get really wild.

“Look at you. You’re smiling, you do like this. You like that I am stuck, don’t you?”. Tiffany switches between reverse and forward drive often and the car slightly starts to move but is still not able to escape the mud.

Now Tiffany steps out of the car. Her sexy 6 inch high heel boots start sinking a bit down in the mud when she tries to walk on that slippery mud to push the stuck car out. The wheels are still spinning and Tiffany is pushing very hard to get the car out. While she is doing this her boots start sliding in the slippery mud…. so sexy !!!

Note: This video contains a lot of picture in picture footage. So you can see it all, the spinning tires, the pedal pumping and Tiffanies smoking hot body at the same time. Also this is a non-nude video but the flirty way Tiffany is teasing you is soooo sexy, you will love it. For fans of powerful V8 cars, this might be one of the coolest video we ever did !!!


24:00 Minutes