Daddy’s New Truck


A cute 19 year old country girl is turned on by the vibration of her dads truck when she accidentally gets stuck for the first time in her life.

Dakota’s dad went out of town on a business trip. Perfect! Finally it’s her chance for something she was waiting for during the last three weeks: A quick test drive with daddy’s new truck. So in the late afternoon, Dakota takes the keys to his new truck and leaves the house. “I don’t think he’ll find out”, but she needs to be extra careful. Therefore instead of driving around in the small village where daddies friends might see her, she chooses the nearby desert area to be on the safe side. “Oh, this is gonna be so fun” :-)

“Uh, this is the craziest thing I’ve ever done” she shouts full of joy when driving that shiny new truck on those gravel roads. “Oh this is so great” she says when driving downhill on a dirt road, not knowing that she is in for a big surprise ;-) Suddenly the hard ground on that sandy road changes into much much softer sand. Dakota pushes the gas pedal harder with her sexy knee high boots, but to her shocking surprise the truck gets slower and slower until it finally comes to a stop.

“Oh shit…. I did not just get this truck stuck!!!” full of embarrassment in her voice she says. Then Dakota shifts the truck into the reverse gear, but this also doesn’t help her to get the truck out of this deep sandy area. She is stuck! Dakota gets out to check how bad the situation really is. “Uhhh, damn it is really stuck” Dakota says worried while looking at that buried rear tire on the passenger side. Alone in the desert with nobody around to rescue her. “I don’t know what I am gonna do? My dad is going to kill me.”  So she tries to dig out the rear wheel with her hand.

Doing this, she realizes that something is strange here. After a while she notices a “4×4″ sticker on the rear side of the truck. “If I have four wheel drive, why is just my back tire stuck and the front wheels look OK ??? Maybe there is a switch or something?” She turns on the 4wd mode and presses the gas pedal really hard with the result that also the front wheels start spinning now. But sadly the truck is not moving forward at all. The vehicle is just shaking and vibrating and the sand is flying high up into the sky. Dakota tries hard to get the truck out of this sand trap. In reverse gear after a while the tires start to get some traction again and the vehicle starts slowly moving. But then when she tries to get out forward Dakota gets stuck again….

She gives her best, quickly shifting gears, floors the gas pedal harder and sand is flying everywhere … luckily after a couple of minutes struggling to get the truck out of the soft sand the tires gain enough traction to move the vehicle forward again. “That was a close one” relieved but still worried about her situation she says “I don’t think this was a good idea. All right le’s get out of here”. Now Dakota tries to find the shortest way out of this deep sand without getting stuck again. While driving she understands now how soft the sand is in this area. She only needs to get up one last hill to get back to some harder surface and a safe road back to her home. But even in 4wd mode now the truck gets slower and slower when she drives up the hill. Just before the top all four wheels starts more and more spinning in the sand. Afraid of getting stuck again, Dakota drives a bit backwards before she tries to drive up that sandy hill again. But the truck won’t move very far this time. “Oh this was such a bad idea!”. She notices that she won’t be able to get up hill any further, so now she wants to turn around to get back the same way where she came from…. during her attempt to turn, suddenly the truck starts to shake and is not able to move forward or backward. “I better get out to check it”. When Dakota steps out again, her boots can’t even reach the ground anymore so when she slides down from the seat, her skirt moves up a bit :-). Oh no, now she can see what happened. Somehow the rear wheel is completely in the air now. This can’t be good!

Dakota tries to push the rear wheel back to the ground by jumping up and down on the rear bumper in the hope to get more traction again… but how could this lightweight cutie in distress be able to move that heavy truck? So she has no other chance than trying to drive the truck out there, even when she will risk to get stuck even worse. “Oh I don’t know what I should do. Why did I even do this? It’s so stupid that I came out here.” She tries to drive slowly out there in the hope not to dig in the tires deeper into the sand again. This time something is different: With a rattling sound the truck starts to shake and move back and forward a bit. “Uhhhh… Why does this feel good ???” Dakota wonders while the wheels are slowly spinning. Now she pushes the gas pedal even harder and suddenly the truck starts to shake like a jumping wild horse which wants to get rid of the rider sitting on top….

“I feel sooo helpless” she says while feeling the tremors from the shaking truck moving from the seat through her whole body. At this point she is very desperate, but somehow she feels something strange happening to her. “Why does this feel good?” confused but full of excitement about this new feeling in her body she wonders what is happening. The harder she pushes the gas pedal, the better it feels for her. While trying to free the stuck truck, Dakota starts breathing harder and harder. The vibrating of the vehicle gives more and more pleasure to here now. The truck is bumping around hard, moving Dakotas petite body back and forth…. She is overwhelmed by this strange feeling deep inside her more and more. This helpless cutie starts to moan quietly while her hand starts to massage her firm nipples. “Ohhh, that feels so good” she says while now her hand is magically sliding under her skirt. The shaking truck is moving her back and forth, so strong like the vehicle is humping her :-) The V6 earthquake is giving her a pleasure she never felt before.

“It’s feels kinda sexy beeing so helpless.” she sighs while begging the truck to “do it again” in the hope to let it vibrate even stronger. “The truck shaking feels so good !!!” she screams, while her hand is doing the rest. At this point she lost all control about herself. “The vibration feels amazing !!!” she moans while she is going to experience her strongest sexual experience of her young life……  Enjoy :-) !!!

NOTE: We were so lucky on this one to be able to capture a situation like that on camera. The way the vehicle was shaking and vibrating was really super special. It was like the truck had sex with her, literally she was sitting on a huge V6 powered vibrator :-) You will love to watch this !!!

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20:00 Minutes