Schoolgirl in Trouble


Her old VW Beetle does not start. Cranking / Pedal Pumping video with Dakota wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit and high heel pumps.

It was a long day at school for Dakota today. Very tired after this boring day in school she has to take a nap before driving home. So she left the road to park in an area far away from the loud road noise.

After her refreshing nap, Dakota is in for a bad surprise. When she tries to start the old VW Bug engine, something is different. The engine is sputtering and making weird noises. “Oh no, that does not sound right” she says and a few seconds later the engine stalls.

Dakota is pushing the starter button again, but somehow the car won’t start anymore. This situation is so frustrating and scary for her, because there is nobody around to help. Desperately she tries to start her car over and over again, but even after a couple of minutes this doesn’t work.

Totally helpless she notices that this somehow feels also exciting to her. So she keeps trying to start the car. Dakota is pressing her shiny black pumps hard on the gas pedal which makes a squeaking noise when she is pumping it. While doing this more and more she get’s excited about that weird feeling she gets when pressing the pedal and rubbing back on forth on that seat in her short skirt….

…. after a while of doing this Dakota can’t control herself anymore. Slowly her hands slide under her short schoolgirl skirt and she is making the best out of her helpless situation :-) Enjoy !!!

Note: It was extremly windy on this day at our location. We tried our best to work around this, but there is still a bit more wind noise in this clip than usually in our videos.

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19:00 Minutes