The Blind Date


Nude car stuck girl in mud !!!

Ashley is so excited. Today she will finally meet the man she fell in love with in the internet chat.  Yes, he is married, but he sounds like the spicy affair Ashley is craving for. She dressed up super sexy today in her favorite outfit: Tight mini skirt and even her hot high heels are matching her red nail color.

While driving Ashley gets a message from him “Are you as excited as I am? We must be very secretive, my wife would kill me. lol. Lets meet at the dry lake bed I told you about. I will pick you up there and we will go somewhere cozy ;-)”. Somewhere cozy?!? Yes, exactly what Ashley needs today.

Ashley is so much looking forward to meet him and driving onto the dry lake bed now. Nobody else is there when she is driving onto the lake bed. “Hmm, where is he?” she thinks and checks her phone to see if he had sent her another message. But she has problems with her cellphone reception at this remote location. So while slowly driving, she is very distracted by her phone now…… suddenly the car starts to slow down and stops moving forward even if the engine is still running!

“Shit this is not good. Stupid car, what’s going on?” Ashley is shocked to see that she drove into a wet & muddy part of the dry lake bed and her wheels are spinning in the mud now. First she tries to push the gas pedal really hard with her sexy high heels. “I am stuck! What can I do?”. She does not like to get dirty in her cute outfit. But no matter how hard she tries, forward or backwards…. the car just moves a bit, but she isn’t able to get away from this muddy spot. Her car is completly stuck in the mud no matter how hard she is pumping the pedals!

“Nothing is working” she desperatly says. “I am totally stuck!”. She tries hard for a few minutes, but the car is just bogging down deeper in the slippery mud. There is no other solution, she has to step out of the car, ruin her shoes and have a closer look what is going on. Ashley walks around the car, she is already so helpless at this point, especially when she noticed that the passenger site wheel is even deeper in the mud. “My feet are stuck, fucking car is stuck, everything is completly stuck….. Oh, no I ruined my favorite shoes. Now look :-(….” she complains. She didn’t expect to get her car stuck in the mud there, she just wanted to have some fun with her lover.

Ashley takes off her shoes now. Let’s try this barefoot. Her muddy feet are pressing down the gas pedal “ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz” Lots of flying mud is all she got, no movement, just spinning wheels. Poor girl. “Damn! I am wasting all my gas and the car ist stuck so bad in the mud”
Ashley switches the engine off to check her phone again “No service? Are you kidding me? Where is he? He has no clue what he is missing, I am not even wearing panties under my skirt!” angry and frustarted she says.

“Hmm, maybe I should put something under the tires? I can’t use my shoes. Maybe my shirt but I don’t want that anyone can see me.” So Ashly takes of her shirt and is putting it under the tire. “All I wanted is a hot date and now I am playing in the mud :-( Hope nobody can see me now”. To make sure she gets the maximum traction, she also decides to take off her skirt and put it under the other tire. Damn, why didn’t she wear panties today she thinks. However, she has to get out there. So now completly nude she is trying to get her stuck car out. She is so embarrassed about this now and totally desperate!

No matter what she tries the car is not moving, the wheels are spinning like crazy and the car is bogged down to the frame now. Ashley is so sad, close to tears, she steps out of the car to try to push it out. No matter how hard this nude women is pushing to get her stuck car out of the mud. It doesn’t work.

Will Ashley be able to get her stuck car out of the mud?  Will someone rescue the naked and embaresed girl?

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Note: Nothing is sexier than a “nude car stuck girl in the mud” video. Enjoy!
### Includes some great “Picture in Picture” parts which shows the pedal pumping and the outside view of the car alltogether ###

21:30 Minutes